Publication of second edition of TARB

I’ve recently been finalising the second edition of Translation: An advanced resource book for students, to be published by Routledge in August 2019. Basil Hatim is the co-author for the book whose first edition came out in 2004. The second edition has been a long time in preparation and we are delighted it will finally appear over the summer. Our thanks to all those who have helped bring the project to fruition; our thoughts to the original series editors Christopher Candlin and Ron Carter, who both passed away in recent years.

TARB has a linguistic focus. It appears in Routledge’s Applied Linguistics series and we have duly maintained the dominance of contextualised linguistic analysis, but we devote several units to cultural and ideological approaches. The structure of the volume remains three-part: a theory or approach is introduced, then extended with a reading or two, and finally explored through further tasks and projects.

It is always difficult to decide what to change in a second edition since the change at one point in the text inevitably has repercussions elsewhere in the book. We decided to update with new research (for example, relevance theory, translation and identity, videogame transcreation and automatic translation software) and especially to focus on the readings from the extensions section, where you will find new extracts not only by established scholars (Baker, Cronin…) but also by new voices (Grego, Olk, Smith…). I hope you enjoy the book.

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