My name is Jeremy Munday and I am professor of translation studies at the University of Leeds, UK. I started this blog in order to bring together some of the material that I’ve posted online to supplement the Routledge books Introducing Translation Studies (ITS) and, with Basil Hatim, Translation: An Advanced Resource Book (TARB). In addition, I hope to post about other work I am undertaking and other events I am involved in. As some of you will know, I also have a blog on Parkinson’s disease, a condition I have to live with. I hope you have time to visit that site too (parkinsonspace.com).

Introducing Translation Studies

was first published in 2001. The fourth edition (ITS4) was published in 2016. Supplementary material can be found on the companion website at Routledge/Taylor and Francis. On the ITS tab above I intend to publish short podcasts or videos discussing theoretical concepts and new work that has appeared since the last edition.